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Message from Nott Foundation

on receipt of our £850 donation at For Sama screening

On behalf of the Foundation I wanted to write to say how very grateful we are to have your support through the screening of For Sama at the Ifley Village film club.  We’re delighted that it was such a great success and that you raised such a fantastic amount of money.  We were so glad that Elly was able to join you and I know how much she enjoyed being there.  In fact, you may have started a trend as we’ve had other groups come forward wanting to do something similar!

I welcome the opportunity to tell you what your contribution will help us achieve.  Our training provides local surgeons working in war and natural disaster zones with the specialist medical and surgical skills they need to work in these challenging conditions.  Critically, these skills enable them to save more lives.  To date, we estimate our training has benefitted 1.8 million patients worldwide.

Foundation surgeons share the knowledge and expertise they gain with other local health professionals working on the ground thereby leaving a legacy of education and improved health outcomes.  Since the Foundation started four years ago, we’re proud to have trained 803 doctors from all over the world including Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Palestine and Lebanon.

In every war zone David has worked in, medical care provides one of the few rays of hope for the people remaining in bombed-out towns and cities.  By supporting the Foundation and training more doctors you are helping to protect that hope whilst improving the health outcomes for vulnerable people in some of the most dangerous and disadvantaged places in the world.

I’m attaching our impact report which tells you more about what your support enables.  If you’d like to hear more about our work and get our latest news, please subscribe to our e-newsletter

www.davidnottfoundation.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Sincerest thanks once again.

Rebecca McLoughlin

Head of Supporter & Donor Relations http://www.davidnottfoundation.com

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